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Gryphon Geo's Story

Gryphon Geo & Energy Advisors is a private company founded by Robert Panek in 2022.  Gryphon Geo specializes in geological and energy advisory services with a focus in Western Canada.

Gryphon Geo helps with subsurface geological evaluations of oil and natural gas assets for acquisitions, divestitures, or organic growth.  Gryphon's geological solutions include updating existing or creating new geological maps, cross sections, schematics, and other related materials.  Gryphon Geo can assist with the identification of upside opportunities, strategic planning, business development strategies, or help with the creation and development of materials for corporate presentations, investor presentations, or other marketing materials.

About the Founder

Robert Panek is a professional geologist with APEGA and has been a part of the Canadian oil and natural gas industry since 1997.  Mr. Panek has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Geological Engineering, a Master of Science in Geology, and a Master of Business Administration.  Robert's specialty is geology which started during his undergraduate degree and then sprang to life during his MSc degree at the University of Calgary where his studies focused on the Montney Formation.

Mr. Panek has worked in exploration, development, and operations positions for exploration and production (E&P) companies from start-ups to large Canadian-based companies with international assets.  In addition to his roles with E&P companies, Robert has over eight years of experience at energy advisory firms where he led all aspects of business development including the technical and economic evaluations of hundreds of properties, marketing of assets and corporate divestitures, assisted with buy-side mandates, creating oil & gas infrastructure maps, energy transition research, negotiations, strategic planning, and the identification of upside opportunities.

Earth Horse

Strategic Partnership with Earth Horse Energy Advisors Ltd.

On June 21, 2022 Earth Horse Energy Advisors ("Earth Horse") and Gryphon Geo announced the formation of a strategic partnership to compliment on each company's strengths and significant experience in the Canadian oil & natural gas industry.  The founder of Earth Horse and the founder of Gryphon Geo have previously worked together at another advisory firm.

Earth Horse was founded in 2021 by Ryan Ferguson Young.  Mr. Ferguson Young has been actively involved in the Canadian oil & natural gas M&A marketplace since 2006 and has dedicated his career to assisting the niche market of under $100 million.

Earth Horse offers various services which include the engagement to actively market the shares and/or the properties of E&P companies, providing investor relations support, and offering market valuations and fairness opinions.

In addition to providing expertise in the marketing E&P interests, Earth Horse offers assistance with buy-side mandates, third-party negotiations, detailed information analysis, and strategic planning.

While Earth Horse focuses mainly on the upstream segment of the Canadian oil & natural gas industry, the founder has experience in marketing and providing valuations relating to midstream assets.

The founder of Earth Horse has not only worked closely with the executive management teams of both public and private E&P companies but has also worked with banks, hedge funds, lawyers, and receivers in the Canadian mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures marketplace.

Ryan, the founder of Earth Horse, began his career in the Canadian oil & natural gas M&A marketplace in 2006 working with the independent firm, Sayer Energy Advisors.  He held increasingly more senior positions at Sayer, until being promoted to the firm's Vice President.

During his career, Ryan has managed approximately 100 mandates and has been involved in the closing of over $1.0 billion in transactions.  He has participated in transactions that range in value from below $1 million to over $250 million and is a seasoned professional in providing valuations and fairness opinions to the industry.

In May 2019, Ryan joined ATB Financials' E&P Corporate Banking group as a Portfolio Manager of a $1.0 billion lending portfolio.

In addition to being President of Earth Horse, Ryan is also the President of a related division, WCSB Divestitures which focuses on the micro-small cap A&D market and is the President of KAZ Acquisition Corp.


Geological Services

Our specialty is the geological evaluation of oil and natural gas assets for acquisitions, divestitures, or organic growth.

Whether you require a refresh of old geological maps, cross sections, and other related materials or a new set we can help tailor a solution and plan for your needs.  We have experience in the generation of various types of geological maps, cross sections, schematics, identification of upside, land continuation packages, land sale evaluations, and other materials.

Energy Advisory Services

We provide strategic planning and business development strategies to help with your near-term and future goals.

Technical Graphic Services

We also provide guidance and development of materials including graphics for corporate presentations, investor presentations, and other marketing materials. 


Working together with others to help solve common and unique puzzles.

Gryphon Geo would like to share that we are collaborating with certain industry participants to help enhance the experience of every client.

Earth Horse Energy Advisors

Earth Horse was founded in 2021 by Ryan Ferguson Young ( and is an independent corporate advisory firm that specializes in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.  Earth Horse assists with the marketing of oil and natural gas properties and companies, buy side mandates, provides investor relations supports, valuations, and fairness opinions, and offers additional advisory services which include strategic planning, assisting in negotiations and providing customized industry analysis.

In the News & Marketing

On October 6, 2022 Gryphon Geo shared its Q3 2022 one-page summary of select asset and corporate transactions in the WCSB which was posted on Gryphon Geo's LinkedIn page (Gryphon Geo & Energy Advisors Ltd.: Overview | LinkedIn). A snapshot sample of this document is shown in this section.

On August 8, 2022 Gryphon Geo released its first one-page summary of select asset and corporate transactions in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin which was posted on Gryphon Geo's LinkedIn page (Gryphon Geo & Energy Advisors Ltd.: Overview | LinkedIn).

On June 21, 2022 Gryphon Geo and Earth Horse proudly announced the formation of a Strategic Partnership.  This announcement was published in the BOE Report (


Gryphon Geo would like to thank the following people and companies for their help with bringing Gryphon Geo to life.

  • Ryan Ferguson Young, the founder of Earth Horse Energy Advisors (, for his help, guidance, and collaboration

  • Kiley at Tallis Graphic & Web Design ( for the amazing work from the overall corporate colour scheme to designing the Gryphon logo and business cards.  

  • Michele a friend for providing a couple of spectacular photos of Mount Robson.

  • Minuteman Press in Airdrie, Alberta for printing my first batch of business cards and making the entire process very smooth (

  • Mitchell Yates for his graphical artistry with the Mount Robson photo.

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